The Four Words

Desperate Joe Scarborough tried his best to get Hillary to say the words “Sanders is not qualified to be president”. The first four words alone would be sufficient because even if she qualified the statement those four words would make a super soundbite across the Media.

Hillary didn’t take the bait. Instead she brought up Sanders’ not-so-great interview with the Daily News and gave Scarborough a few reasons why indeed he might not be qualified.

The next morning Sanders did take the bait and at a rally brought up a few reasons why Hillary might not be qualified. He stated the four words though he used them to list his regular criticisms of Hillary’s past.

Super soundbite created and the Media pounces on the red meat.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t a political campaign an exercise in convincing the voters who is the most qualified? Why would you run for office if you thought your opponent was more qualified than you?

The most memorable political TV spot of the ’08 primary campaign was Hillary’s “3AM Phone Call”. It seriously questioned Sen Obama’s qualifications to lead the country in an emergency. But Sen Clinton never actually said the four words.